27 Feb 2023

Ishka+ Originals | Interviews with Leaders: Sarah Conway's career development, ambitions, and advice for the future

Sarah Conway joins Ishka for our series ‘Interviews with Leaders’ and talks us through her career so far, goals yet to achieve, and advice for anyone new to the industry.

Sarah Pilcher, Conference Producer at Ishka is joined by Sarah Conway, Head of Lessor Origination, Pricing and Structuring at Deucalion and Steering Committee Member at AWAR to discuss her career journey into aviation finance, her ambitions for the future as well as her advice for anyone looking to join the industry to give visibility to differing experiences entering the industry.

[1:00] How did you come to work in aviation?

[6:50] Did you face many challenges during this journey?

[10:25] In gaining more experience and knowledge in the industry, did this drive you to work with AWAR?

[14:25] Can you tell me a bit about the work you are doing to encourage younger people into the industry and why it’s important to you?

[17:25] Who did you look to as role models in the industry throughout the progression of your career and what was the importance of having supportive sponsors?

[20:32] What is it that makes someone a supportive sponsor?

[20:40] Who can be a supporter in your career besides a manager?

[24:20] If you could give any advice to your younger self or young women looking to enter into and progress within the aviation finance sector, what would you say?

[25:42] What do you hope to achieve going forwards?