24 Feb 2023

Ishka+ Originals | Lease vs buy: A hard post-pandemic conundrum for carriers

Tune in to hear about the classic debate in the context of the post-pandemic aviation financing and leasing landscape.

Dickon Harris, Editor at Ishka Insights is joined by Meza Irani, Vice President - Aviation Advisory at MUFG to discuss the difference reasons to lease or buy.

[1:06] What are the key pros and cons of leasing versus funding?

[5:30] What is more pressing for an airline treasurer today than it was 3 years ago?

[9:50] In the post-pandemic context with ESG constraints there is great value in airlines’ order books, do you think they will look to pass some of the PDP costs on to lessors that do SLBs?

[11:40] What do you think we might see in the next 12-18 months in terms of lessor fleet ownership versus airline ownership of the world’s active fleet?