13 Dec 2022

Ishka+ Originals | Aviation sustainable finance: Trends in 2022 and expectations for 2023

Capital market headwinds suppressed aviation bond issuance in 2022 including green, sustainability-linked, and transition bonds. And yet, sustainable finance in aviation has continued to flourish. Ishka has tracked at least seven sustainability-linked aircraft loans, private placements, and operating leases in 2022, many of them incorporating new structural features.

Eduardo Mariz, Senior Analyst at Ishka Insights will be joined by special guests to discuss:

  • How did sustainable finance transactions in 2022 differ from those in previous years?
  • What sustainability KPIs are gaining in favour among airlines and financiers?
  • What do initiatives like Impact mean for sustainable finance in aviation?
  • Will sustainable finance for aviation continue to grow in 2023?